Black Building
So how's reception working out for you?
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WP #120, WP #157



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Purple World, Highway NoReturn, Town Maze NoEntry


qs0UrDFJ-title, e9(Fairy effect)

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The Black Building (黒ビル, Kurobiru, Black Building) is a large multistory building, accessible through the pink honeycomb wall in Purple World.


The lobby of the black building is mostly empty, featuring a Robot Guard at the front desk, two corridors off to each side and an elevator at the back wall.

Through the corridor to the right is a lounge with two couches, where a pink creature can be found relaxing on the left one.

Down the corridor to the left is a small break room with a vending machine and a flight of stairs. Whether going up or down the stairs, the stairwell seemingly always leads to the same empty corridor with an elevator at the end.

After walking down the stairs at least 5 times they will instead take you to a room with a door to a corridor filled with plants, with another locked door at the end.

Using the 2nd floor elevator will randomize how many times you've walked up the stairs, but there is a 1/45 chance that it will instead take you to a small room leading out of a building at the top of the Highway.

Additionally, if you walk down the stairs 3 times from the ground floor and interact with the plant on the left, you will be taken to a glitched out lounge room with flashing wall lights and a couch that Urotsuki can relax on.

Back in the lobby, the main elevator on the back wall will take you to a short corridor featuring a large textured painting with a door leading into an office on the far left side.

Inside the office is a Fairy trapped in a cage, and a large bear-skin rug covered in purple stains lying on the floor in front of an executive-looking desk. Interacting with the cage will give you the Fairy effect.

If you already have the Fairy effect, the elevator has a 50% chance to instead take you to a large conference room with two long desks and another strange pink creature walking around.


Nexus → Purple World → Black Building


  • Before version 0.103, walking up the infinitely looping stairs at least 38 times would eventually take you to a different floor of the building, with a door that would take you to the Town Maze. This has since been removed in more recent versions of the game, making the Town Maze inaccessible.
  • The dead-end corridor reached by continually walking down the stairs also required a similarly high number of trips down the stairs, which has now been reduced to 5.