• Otamot

    Make your way to the space map and open up the shift menu. Press down to equip the bike and you will wake up in your room, but your bike will be equipped. (Usually if you were to unequip your space suit while in space, you would just wake up.) After around two to three seconds of riding around your room Urotsuki starts rotating around at an insane speed, and the tiles in your room will be changed into a very glitchy mess, with a background that reminds me of the toy world's background. The screen will also be flashing different colors, and you will wake up after a few seconds. I have not seen this event (or glitch) recorded on the wiki, so please tell me if this is nothing new. Thanks!

    WARNING: after performing this glitch, the arrow keys w…

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  • Touhou Shoujo

    Well, I don't know if this just happens to me, but when I download Yume 2kki (doesn't matter the version), some maps simply makes the game crash. So I had an idea! I have Yume 2kki 0.100a and this version have all the parallaxes, 'cause it's really old and stuff... So I copied all the parallaxes and pasted in the Panorama folder on the 0.104g version. Now everything works!

    I've made a video to help people with the same problem, and I've made a link to download this "uncrashable" version:

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  • Mike309 ULTIMATE

    so i wanted to switch the gui, so i got to the pc and tada an error great!

    i went to the "Pictures" folder and seached "yumegamen sys20" and even nothing starting with 2 was there, any help?

    (i downloaded from the unnoficial links)

    sure, Mike309 ULTIMATE (talk) 18:46, May 19, 2016 (UTC)Mike309_ULTIMATE

    also i forgot to put sys befor the xx XD

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  • TamayoMeri

    So my super exciting lifestyle of being IRL Urotsuki and also being internet Urotsuki has failed to entwine within itself and basically I haven't played Y2kki in MONTHS

    I'm trying to think what the last release I played was. Might've been .101a or something. That's the best I can remember. 

    My question to others is - is there a comprehensive list of changes available anywhere (i.e. per version)? I noticed there's a lot of new content but I doubt I'll be able to go through it all & to help out if I can't even figure out where the new stuff is. I heard that the library with the books went through another phase of being added/unadded so if there's translation that's needed to be done I can do that. 

    Otherwise what's up. College is kicking my ass a…

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  • Shimofuri


    June 12, 2015 by Shimofuri

    There is someone on this wiki that doesn't like funny captions ww

    Too much seriousness in pages makes it boring just sayin'

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  • LainIwakura

    Yep. Things happened and now theres a wordmark we could potentially replace the plain yume 2kki wiki text next to the navbar with.

    I'd like to see what people think of it before just sticking it up there, so go ahead and say if you think it's better/worse than the plain arial the navbar is currently rocking.  :)

    (I'd hope the design looks ok :x)

    Edit: and it looks like bullet's put it up before I could, I guess it wasnt too bad then ;P

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  • TamayoMeri

    Like it's-- it's hard to navigate. Let's just start with that. 

    The front page does a lot, but we should do a little bit of organization in terms of... like, locations - 

    The dropdown menu, I mean. Hold on. Give me a minute to organize my thoughts. 

    It should be more than just "On the Wiki" "Popular Pages" "Community". Let's make our wiki more navigable even if the game we write for is... hell to navigate. 

    For instance, I'm more than happy to make a category hub page for locations and then have that be a dropdown -- i.e. "Gameplay"

    In the "Gameplay" dropdown there'd be something like this: 

    • Effects
    • Locations/Dream Worlds (expand the page, probably)
    • Maps
    • Events
    • Endings
    • Wallpaper Guide
    • Kura Puzzle Guide

    And that could be an example of like, the second d…

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  • TamayoMeri

    GALAXY maps update

    February 2, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    Okay, we really need to get a move on with the articles for the new GALAXY maps. 

    Deciding on a name, etc. ... My guess is just "Galaxy town" or something. It's an average town. 

    Second, I'm currently trying to work out how to get the アイドル/Idol effect, because it's listed in the item database and has a switch. So far I'm having 0 luck actually finding where you get the idol effect, since it doesn't seem like the actual area with the idols give it to you. 

    The other thing is it might not even be accessible in this version, even if it's almost entirely in the files right now. If you have all the effects from the previous versions minus idol, your PC will say "Effect: 100%". 

    Anyways, we need to make a page soon. There's too much stuff in the GAL…

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  • TamayoMeri

    YNFG wiki is on to us

    January 26, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    I didn't notice this until today but if you hover over the buttons at the top of the YNFG wiki, you get messages about each of the main 3 wikis. 

    Here's ours.

    Here's the .flow wiki's:

    ...and here's their commentary for the YN Wiki:

    If I could say something like that about the YNFG Wiki... "Where bad fangames sit down and have a drink together". 

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  • TamayoMeri

    Wishful thinking

    January 16, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    You heard me!! Stuff you'd like to see in updates, or in one big update. 

    To be honest, my favorite part of any fangame is collecting effects. I don't event-hunt as much as I effect-hunt, and I love the effect-mixing aspect of Y2kki. 

    So if I was to ask the production team for one thing to be released in another version, like, .103 nonbugfix-y type ... stuff... I'd ask for a whole load of new effects to hunt down. Like, especially some from the original planned set. Oh, and twintails punch to be included. Maybe more outfits in the Dressing Room (get on it Zenmaigahara!!!).

    What would you ask for if you could have one thing? 

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  • FukoSan

    Featured Article

    November 7, 2014 by FukoSan

    I don't know if somebody will read it, but I wanna hear suggestions of articles that deserve the "Featured Article".

    I suggest the article of Overgrown City

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  • TamayoMeri

    Missing Files page?

    October 5, 2014 by TamayoMeri

    Okay, so it seems like every single update there is I'm missing files. 空、闇空、... okay that last one really is just "dark sky" because I can't read the kanji in the actual file, but it seems like since this is such a prevalent problem we ought to make a page for the missing files, if no documentation actually exists. I know I had to go on uboachan the first time I got Y2kki running to get the files because I was so confused. 

    update because it's 2:20 AM when I'm writing this: I looked at the Installation Instructions page and even still it doesn't specify which files you're missing or what they look like. Should we include those in a gallery on the page, perhaps? Maybe a 'General Installation Errors' page/subhead too since majority of error-fi…

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  • TamayoMeri

    Okay so it's 12:32 AM and hopefully I don't misspell anything. 

    So I've been thinking about the navigational ability in 2kki- which is really vital, because you can get lost and end up lost so easily and we have maps upon maps upon maps to help people (which reminds me, I really need to get on making more maps because of this) navigate the worlds within 2kki for the optimal experience (i.e. being able to experience events, etc.) 

    On the wiki itself while trying to memorize literally every connection I can think of (hey I take pride in it) from world-to-world I notice that the "(one way)" parenthesis is a little... vague, somewhat. I've learned that it means you can only get to an area from that one linked area one-way (i.e. there's no return)…

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  • LainIwakura

    Is it just me or is the wiki wider than it should be / used to be?

    It looks like the main page has been changed to a 3-column style instead of a 2-column one for some reason, making the navigation buttons all move offcenter and out-of-place. :s

    Or maybe it was just stretched out, it looks the same on all the other wikis ive looked at though, so it probably happened to all of wikia

    The main page looks super weird now.


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  • TamayoMeri

    I was just thinking it would be a good idea to have a cohesive and reliable place for people to ask things about Y2kki, like a resource blog on tumblr or wordpress or something. Mostly tumblr because of its ask system though. I found that with my higurashi analysis blog it's easier to handle questions from people with asks/fanmail than it would be through wordpress... since I really don't know how wordpress would handle that kind of thing. 

    Anybody up for it? It'd be a kind of multi-moderated blog and it'd answer those basic questions that we see pop up on the wikia every so often (like "how do I get to X" or "how do I get Y working"). Things like how to get Wavy Up working, which files that need replacing, etc. Just a suggestion for any fu…

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  • Bullet731108

    Adopting the Wiki

    February 9, 2013 by Bullet731108

    I have applied to adopt the Yume 2kki Wiki, since Haruhi appears to be gone for good, and some drastic alterations need to be made from a higher up position. I'd like to ask everyone what it is they'd like changing if I do get an admin position. This can range from pages you'd like to see, wikia theme ideas and pages you don't think we need anymore.

    So, everybody; what do you think should happen?

    Major Update: My request followed through and I am now officially an admin! I'll get to work right away, and remember that if you have any suggestions for the wiki or contributions to the theme, just let me know.

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  • Bullet731108

    Renaming Articles

    January 3, 2013 by Bullet731108

    What would people think if we changed all the current names of the locations to the translated Japanese names? Do you think it would be easier to keep the translation differences small between the Japanese wiki and this wiki's location names, or would it be easier to stick with the names that everyone (on Uboachan, at least) is already familiar with? 

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  • SakiPai


    August 25, 2012 by SakiPai

    Has this wiki been updated as of the newest release (ver. 0.098?). I've been fixing things that have been changed as I find them, and I wasn't sure if others were set on doing the same.

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  • Lumanare


    August 19, 2012 by Lumanare


    オブジェクト1 (Object 1)



    10,000 YUME

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  • Lumanare

    I cannot play Wavy Up! I am missing a file and get this error:

    What file am I missing?!?!? I can read some japanese, but not this!

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  • IggyAndPkmn

    I've been wanting to try .flow again as the last time I played it it was a pretty dated version. Anyone know what the newest translated version of .flow is?

    The .flow wiki says it has the english version of both 0.15 and 0.17, but the link to 0.15 no longer works and the 0.17 one is in japanese.

    I know there's an english version of 0.15 somewhere, I just can't find it. Of course, if there's no real difference between the english and japanese version, maybe I should just go with the newest, untranslated one?

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  • IggyAndPkmn

    My file deleted?

    July 19, 2012 by IggyAndPkmn

    Alright, I'm not sure if anybody's actually going to read this, but I have no idea where else to put it.

    So today, when I opened up my Yume 2kki game my save file was deleted! What the heck? ...I tried to think back on anything I might have been doing that was sort of 'out of the ordinary', but nothing I thought of seemed to be bad enough to DELETE an entire file. Is there any way to get it back? (I'm guessing no.)

    Last time I was playing it, I was trying to find a way to make the screen smaller so I could take pictures. I did find a way by using Alt+Enter, but I did that a few times so maybe I corrupted the file or something?? I had also just obtained the bat effect and was messing with it by flying through walls and stuff, so I wouldn't be…

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  • RuschBabyRusch

    Just finished making some new graphics for the title page links. I hope you guys like them :L

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