Boogie Street
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Connecting Areas

Gray Road, Fountain World


n3-ELP, innuendo (third apartment)

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Boogie Street (団地, Danchi, Estate) is a small area accessible from the Gray Road.


There are four doors to the north, one of which is locked. Three NPCs are dancing to the south in an inaccessible spot behind some metal barriers, one of which is moving much faster than the others. They stop in place when using the Crossing effect. There's an interactive, ordinary Vending Machine between the third and fourth doors.

The doors, from left to right:

  • The first door leads to a room containing a water fountain, a large pool, what appear to be two spinning feathers, and an NPC with a faucet for a head. Interacting with the water fountain will take you to Fountain World. Faucet-head will either spawn inside the inaccessible pool at the far end of the room or right next to the fountain. When interacted with, he makes a water dripping sound. He does not seem to react to any effects, including the chainsaw.
  • The second door is locked. The interior actually exists inside the game data, but is currently empty and inaccessible through conventional means.
  • The third door leads to a room containing a radio playing a catchy tune and one of the dancing creatures from outside lying next to a plate of a few brown pixels that are probably meant to be food. Unlike his brethren outdoors, he is just lying there, just shaking his belly and not responding to most effects, although he does make a sound when interacted with. Pulling out the chainsaw will make him cease his shaking. Chainsawing him will kill him like usual, but he will respawn upon leaving the area.
  • The fourth and last door leads to a hallway containing a drinking fountain that makes a sound when interacted with. If you keep going, the background music will become noticeably louder and you will somehow end up atop a gloomy concrete rooftop. There's a bench for Urotsuki to sit on and not much else.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray Road → Boogie Street


  • The Bat effect is unusable in this area.