Bridged Swamp Islands
Bridge swamped islands1
A peaceful area with odd creatures
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Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Red Streetlight World, Cultivated Lands, Rapeseed Fields, Mosenite



Bridged Swamp Islands (湖と橋, Mizumi to Hashi, Lake and Bridge) is an area accessible from the streetlight with 3 lamps on one side and 2 on the other in Red Streetlight World.


This world sort of resembles Yume Nikki's Witch Island but with a more gentle tone. It has islands connected by bridges and creatures floating in the water.

  • By going south-east from the entrance you will find a monument-like entrance that leads to Cultivated Lands.
  • Traveling to the west, passing through the bigger bridge and heading north-east will bring you to a monk statue that if interacted with will take you to the cheerful Rapeseed Fields.
  • Heading to the left from the monk statue, you will encounter 3 creatures that look like a teru-teru bozu. Using the Crossing Effect will make them stop moving, and chainsawing them once will have an interesting outcome, but sawing them a second time will kill them.
  • Following the path on the left and going north will bring you to a wooden house with inside a red friendly-looking snake. Chainsawing this cute snake and leaving the house will take you to Mosenite.


Nexus → Red Streetlight World → Bridged Swamp Islands

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