Broken City
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Notable NPCS

The Crying Eyes

Connecting Areas

Rough Ash World, Cloudy World


Yeris_Home_R, Yeris_Home_L 1-4 (broken city), Yeris_Day_Dream_Park (the playground), Yeris_Sky_blue_Tone (sky area), Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon (tree and bench)

Map ID

0650, 0671, 0672

The Broken City (ホームル, hōmuru) is an area accessible from Rough Ash World.


The Broken City is entirely in grayscale, with a few artifacts flashing on the screen here and there reminiscent of an old black and white film. It rains constantly here, as decrepit skyscrapers loom in the background.

The path through this area is fairly linear, with more layers added to the music the further Urotsuki progresses. At what seems to be a dead end, a door can be revealed with Glasses and Child effects. However, Urotsuki must be a child to actually enter this door.

After a bit more traversing, Urotsuki will be presented with a choice: travel upwards, as indicated by the sign, or continue to the east. Travelling north, into the depths of the concrete, Urotsuki will find herself in a playground. The jungle gym, slide, and swing can all be interacted with. Immediately following this is an area entirely in white silhouette on an evening sky background; consisting of a tall tree, bench, and crescent moon in the sky. Using the Rainbow effect here will turn the tree and bench rainbow colored. Finally, going beyond this screen leads Urotsuki into Cloudy World.

However, if Urotsuki chooses to continue west, the skyscrapers will continue to get denser and denser until she finds herself in a dark grey room containing a large snowglobe-like object, blocked off by traffic cones that more resemble Hershey's Hugs than they do actual traffic cones. This area may be expanded upon in the future.


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