Burial Desert
Not a desert effect, but a dessert effect is close enough.
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Connecting Areas

Vase World, Chaos Exhibition, Industrial Towers NoReturn



The Burial Desert (地葬砂漠, Ji-sō sabaku) is an average-size looping world accessible from the Vase Path in Vase World.

Features Edit

Burial Desert is a very pink, very numbery world filled with pyramids of many shapes, colors, and sizes; some are prismatic, some shattered, some tiny, some with blades jabbed through them, some with distorted dog-like faces. Despite that, however, there is practically nothing at all to do in this world except calculate the harmonic mean of all of the numbers that appear in the sands here.

Northeast of the entrance is another pyramid with a door on it; it leads to the Chaos Exhibition. If, instead, one heads northwest, they will encounter a skull. Interact with it to make a pyramid appear just below the screen, with a one-way door to the Industrial Towers. (You only need to do this once, afterwards the pyramid will just be there right from entrance to the world) (Also, this path is one-way)

Directions Edit

Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily LakeCandy WorldCloud FloorCloud TopsNeon Candle WorldChaos WorldVase World → Burial Desert

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