Candy World
Candy World
Basic Info






Notable NPCS

Cotton Candy

Connecting Areas

Butterfly Forest, Red Lily Lake NoEntry, Cloud Floor, Constellation World



Candy World (金平糖, Konpeitō) is an area accessible from the randomly occurring starry background of the green butterfly area of Butterfly Forest, as well as the green wisp in the Red Lily Lake.


Candy World features paths made of what appear to be konpeitō along with more konpeitō falling from the sky. It is set up like a maze, albeit not a very complicated one.

To the right of the entrance from Red Lily Lake is a path leading upwards, which will take you to Constellation World. Traveling back through the way you come in from Red Lily Lake will take you to the Cloud Floor.

One section of the path even further right appears unreachable, but is in fact reachable by an invisible short section of path at the end of it. This path leads into a rather wide path with a cotton candy NPC standing in the middle of it.

This NPC is immobile and chainsawing it leads to an inescapable area made of even more konpeitō along with much heavier konpeitō rain than the previous pathways.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily Lake → Candy World

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