Chaos Exhibition
Gears? Embryo statues? A world that looks disturbingly like Chaos World, just indoors? ...that's actually totally reasonable for a game like this
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Burial Desert, Buried City, Underground Laboratory, Dark Warehouse, Industrial Towers NoReturn, Mare Tranquillitatis NoReturn



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The Chaos Exhibition (大成, Taisei, Accomplishment) is a strange world accessible from the Burial Desert and the Buried City.


The Chaos Exhibition is a world filled with many strange gear and wire pedestals, each with a statue on top. The two shown in the locationbox's image are the two of three that don't display golden embryos as their content; the one with the blue building leads to the Buried City, and the one with the brown pyramid leads to the Burial Desert. If the player has been sent here from the diamond portal in the Underground Laboratory, the upper-right embryo statue will be replaced with the same diamond portal, allowing two-way access to the aforementioned area.

There are two main paths: north, through a door marked by a strange skull face, and east, through a simple hallway. Going east will simply lead to another room full of fetus statues; in here is a gear pedestal with a clock upon it, that leads to the Dark Warehouse. There is another hallway, again on the east, that leads to an open-air balcony. Going even further east will then culminate in a room with many rainbow pyramids from the Burial Desert, many of the pillars that surround the gear pedestals, and a single golden embryo statue. Interacting with this embryo statue will lead the player to the Industrial Towers (this path is one-way).

Going north through the skull door, however, will lead to a balcony area similar to if the player had gone east instead. Continuing to go west here will lead the player to a ladder up to a network of platforms, which contains two empty gear pedestals, one to the north and one to the east. Although the one to the north leads nowhere, interacting with the one to the east will take Urotsuki to the Mare Tranquillitatis.


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This world's map is extremely large, but almost all of it went unused. Whether or not it will be eventually filled in or if it will be merely an anomaly associated with this world, only time will tell.