Character Plains
Character Plains
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The Character Plains is an area accessible from the Library (specifically, by random chance upon reading the book labelled as "book txt sn 1 - 5"). This area consists of a black background and various Japanese kanji characters that represent objects described by their characters.


陽 - You - Sun (daytime only)

雲 - Kumo - Cloud (daytime only)

月 - Tsuki / Getsu / Gatsu - Moon (nighttime only)

星 - Hoshi / Sei - Star (nighttime only)

本 - Hon - Book

木 - Ki / Moku - Tree

桜 - Sakura - Cherry Blossom

花 - Hana - Flower

草 - Kusa - Grass

人 - Hito / Jin / Nin - Person

The person character will change to a different character depending on the equipped effect:

Invisible - 人 - Hito / Jin / Nin - Person (fades when effect is used)

Bike, Spacesuit, Glasses, Plaster Cast, Stretch, Child, Teru Teru Bōzu (Paper Doll), Grave, Crossing - 哀 - Ai - Pathetic/Grief/Sorrow

Glasses (while in use) - 魂 - Tamashii / Damashii / Kon / Tama - Soul/Spirit

Boy - 恋 - Koi - Love

Chainsaw, Insect, Tissue - 怒 - Do - Anger

Fairy, Rainbow, Penguin, Cake - 嬉 - Ki - Joy/Glad

Maiko, Twintails, Spring, Trombone, Bunny Ears (Usamimi) - 楽 - Raku - Comfort/Ease

Torch, Telephone, School Boy (Gakuran), Haniwa, Red Riding Hood, Bat, Polygon, Marginal, Drum - ? - Question Mark

Wolf, Eyeball Bomb - ! - Exclamation Mark

Torch (after being used to burn the character) - 灰 - Hai - Ash

Chainsaw (after being used to kill the character) - 骨 - Hone / Kotsu - Bone


Nexus → Library → Character Plains

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