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Cloud Floor
Cloud floor
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Connecting Areas

Fantasy Library, Candy World, Red Lily Lake NoReturn Chaos World NoReturn, Cloud Tops



The Cloud Floor (雲の上, Kumo no ue, Above the clouds) is an area accessible from Candy World.


The Cloud Floor consists of several green clouds connected by thin, green cloud paths. Inhabiting the clouds are blue/green wisps, some of whom will take you to other areas. Entering from Candy World will place you next to a wisp at the top of the area, which will take you back to Candy World if you interact with it.

Another wisp near the bottom of the area sends you to Chaos World after fulfilling certain conditions (see article for Chaos World), and the green wisp in the middle of the area will teleport you back to the wisp in Red Lily Lake that you used to get to Candy World.

The last two teleport wisps in the top-left and bottom-right corners of the area will each teleport you to different versions of the Cloud Tops, which are connected to the School and Neon Candle World, respectively.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily LakeCandy World → Cloud Floor

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