Cloud Tops
Entrance from the bottom-right wisp
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Connecting Areas

Cloud Floor, Butterfly Forest, Neon Candle World, School NoReturn, Art Gallery NoReturn, Geometry World (Maybe)



The Cloud Tops (空中, Kūchū, Sky) is an area accessible from two of the wisps in the Cloud Floor, and the yellow-red room in Butterfly Forest.


The Cloud Tops is a medium-sized scrolling world filled with many paths made out of the clouds, as well as clouds with faces most resembling emoticons. The clouds with faces will make noises when walked on.

Three different versions of this world can be accessed: One, from the bottom-right wisp in the Cloud Floor, is fairly toned down and has normal- speed music. Another, if you interact with the top-left teleport wisp, is brighter with sped-up music, and the final one, sepia with hints of other colors, is accessible from the yellow-red room in the Butterfly Forest.

If you travel east-southeast of the entrance wisp in either version accessible from Cloud Floor, you can find a hole in the clouds, apparently displaying a view of the endless void. Jumping into this hole will take you to one of two worlds: the balcony at the School, if you're in the brighter version of the world; or, Neon Candle World, if you're in the less saturated version. Strangely, this hole is nowhere to be found in the sepia version of this world.

No matter the version, there is a painting on a easle, greatly southeast of the entrance, that drops you off right in front of the cloud painting in the Art Gallery.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily LakeCandy WorldCloud Floor → Cloud Tops (Bright, Unsaturated)

Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily LakeCandy WorldCloud FloorChaos WorldButterfly Forest → Cloud Tops (Sepia)


  • Upon returning to the Cloud Floor from the less bright version of this world, the colors will remain toned down and blueish until you exit Cloud Floor to the Red Lily Lake, Candy World, or Chaos World.
  • Upon returning to the yellow-red room in Butterfly Forest from the sepia version of this world, the colors will remain orangeish until you exit the yellow-red room.
  • Supposedly, there is a way to interact with the hole in the center of the clouds and land in Geometry World. How one may go about doing this is unknown.

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