Construction Frame Building
A motorcycle doesn't really seem like the best idea here.
Basic Info






Notable NPCS

Mysterious Maid

Connecting Areas

Green Neon World, Cog Maze



The Construction Frame Building (工事, Kōji, Construction) is an area accessible from Green Neon World.

The only other living soul.


Externally, the Construction Frame Building is a huge steel scaffolding on the side of a tall lilac building, with doors spread across many different floors and an elevator in the center. These doors lead into other rooms and staircases with wooden floors and white walls.

Different floors are can be accessed through the elevator by interacting with a panel on the wall to the right of the door once inside, which displays a series of buttons that will take you to other floors.

Alternatively, the building can be traversed using the stairways inside which will take you up a single floor at a time, as opposed to every 2 with the elevator. The Mysterious Maid may randomly appear in the second stairway between the first and second floors, who will give you 500 when interacted with for the first time.

Both of the doors on the third floor lead to a long hallway that just loops around to the other door, and the door on the left side of the top floor leads to a room with a rotating screw, which will take you to the Cog Maze if you interact with it.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray RoadGrass WorldGreen Neon World → Construction Frame Building

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