Cutlery World
Basic Info



WP #52, #54 & #65; Kura Puzzle #37 & #39



Notable NPCs

Sweets Musume, Shimofuri-Tan

Connecting Areas

Theatre World, Blue Orb World



Map ID

0246, 0248

Cutlery World (スイーツ, Suitsu, Sweets) is a sub area of Theatre World.


The world is filled with vine-covered arches, cutlery and multi-colored candy. The background music sounds like a music box.

This world contains two major connections: One, a silver fork, and another, the only blue gumdrop in the entire area. The silver fork takes you to a small white desert with many pieces of cutlery rising from the sands, one of which you climb on to reach Shimofuri-tan and her Cake effect. This connection is found exactly south of the entrance, through two walls of arches. The blue gumdrop, on the other hand, is exactly north of the entrance, also through two walls of arches; It only appears if you have the Cake effect, and takes you to Blue Orb World.

Sweets Musume is also found west of the blue gumdrop. She doesn't interact with any effects except for the Cake effect; when you use it, Sweets Musume will begin to spin and jump around, her eyes become googly, and she follows you around with her tongue sticking out. Interestingly, the circle on her apron will also change color from beige to blue. She cannot harm you, and when you stop using the Cake effect, she calms down again.


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