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In the cyber rave future of 2077...
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The Cyber Bar (斎BAR, Sai-BAR) is an area accessible by interacting with the rainbow seaweed in Binary World after using the rainbow effect.


The Cyber Bar is a small underwater building that houses a futuristic neon-lit bar.

The entrance is the two bunches of rainbow seaweed. The one on the left with the purple tips will take you to the blue variation of Binary World, and the one on the right with the red tips will take you to the green version. As such, you can travel between the two versions by going through the Cyber Bar.

Walking in from the entrance, many small fish can be seen swimming through large tubes overhead, and at the end of the hallway is a large futuristic door leading into the bar, with flashing neon displays on either side of it and an aquarium window built into the wall above it.

Inside the bar itself, there are 4 tables positioned in the corners of the room, where various npcs can be found sitting down & drinking together. A waiter in a neon-lined outfit and a waitress in a maid dress can be found wandering around the room, both wearing colorful futuristic visors.

In the center of the room, there is a large stage where a shark-headed creature can be seen playing the piano. On the north side of the stage, 2 tall black & white creatures with spiky heads can be seen clapping at the performance.

At the top of the room there is an extremely long bar infront of a gigantic shelf of drinks that spans the width of the entire room.

Urotsuki can only sit down on the bar stool infront of the bartender, who will serve her various drinks for 300 each. The bartender will give you one of the following drinks, depending on which effect you have equipped when you sit down:

  • Boy - Random drink
  • Fairy - Random drink
  • Wolf - Random drink
  • Spring - Random drink
  • Invisible - Random drink
  • Plaster Cast - Random drink
  • Stretch - Random drink
  • Haniwa - Random drink
  • Railroad Sign - Random drink

  • Bike(or mixed with Wolf) - Beer
  • Chainsaw - Cherry soda
  • Torch - Brown Beer
  • Spacesuit - Galactic Drink
  • Glasses(or mixed with Twintails) - Lime Glasses Soda
  • Rainbow - Rainbow Drink
  • Eyeball Bomb - Sparkler Soda
  • Telephone - Grape Soda
  • Maiko - Sake(White Bottle)
  • Twintails - Gummy Worm Drink
  • Penguin - Iceberg Drink
  • Bug - Static Drink
  • Gakuraun - Sake(Black Bottle)
  • Trombone - Gummy Worm Drink
  • Cake(or mixed with Haniwa) - Strawberry Flan
  • Child - Milk
  • Red Hood - Apple(Green)
  • Tissue - Apple(Purple)
  • Bat - Cherry Soda
  • Polygon - Static Drink
  • Teru Teru Bozu(or mixed with Red Hood) - Umbrella Drink
  • Marginal - Bloody Eyeball Drink
  • Red Drum - Toxic Waste
  • Graveyard - Haunted Drink
  • Bunny Ears - Milk

Purchasing a drink with any effect not listed above will simply result in Urotsuki receiving a random drink.


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