Cyber Maze
The diagonal paths' connection
Basic Info






Notable NPCS

Angel, Devil, Heart

Connecting Areas

Valentine Land, Exhibition, GALAXY Town, Cocktail Lounge, Dream Mexico



The Cyber Maze (サイバーの通路, Saibā no tsūro, Cyber Passage) is a small area accessible from various zones, the quickest way being Valentine Land by interacting with the walking heart.


This area is an 8-directional looping hub. Each path has a particular color and takes you to a path of another color and, sometimes, has an NPC that can be interacted with to go to another zone.

If you take the pink path, you will find the walking heart mentioned before, taking you to Valentine Land. This path connects to the purple, green, and yellow paths. The purple path contains a purple bat-like NPC, which will take you to the Exhibition upon interaction. The green path contains a flower NPC which leads to an extended area, containing portals to Dream Mexico and the Cocktail Lounge, and the yellow path is empty.

The red path doesn't have any NPCs to interact with, but it connects to the blue path, where the Angel taking you to GALAXY Town can be found. The two multi-colored paths are connected to each other, and neither contain any NPCs.


  • There used to be a fifth NPC, a flashing hexagonal prism. It would appear in the 8-way junction at the center of the world, and would lead the player to the Dark Museum if interacted. As of 0.102g, this connection has been severed.


Nexus → Heart WorldValentine Land → Cyber Maze

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