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Jigsaw Puzzle World


e4 (Moon Room), yumenikkig_uljp00128 (Flame Room)

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The Daily Toy Box (7 Days - オモチャ箱, 7 Days - omocha bako, 7 Days - Toy Box) is a peculiar little area reached by interacting with the stars at the middle left corner of the mirror room in Jigsaw Puzzle World.


The Daily Toy Box is actually a series of nine different rooms, each with its own theme, though currently only two rooms seem to be accessible. As currently implemented, the room you are sent to upon interacting with the stars in Jigsaw Puzzle World depends on the number of times Urotsuki has fallen asleep in the real world bedroom; an even number of times will send you to the "moon room," while an odd number will take you to the "flame room."

The "moon room" features moons on the floor and floating stars that make noises when tread or interacted upon. Creatures with moons for heads float about the room, and spinning crescent moon objects will bounce you away upon interaction. At the back of the room, an object resembling a full moon with a face awaits Urotsuki's Chainsaw. This thing can be actually be chainsawed to death twice - once for each tile it occupies. A golden crescent moon ornament spins upon a pedestal near the front of the room.

The "flame room" features flame icons on the floor and fiery creatures floating around. Braziers and red snakes are present, both can be interacted with, the snakes hissing and bearing their fangs, and the braziers restarting their animation. At the back of the room is a large red hand which can also be sliced with the chainsaw (also two times, as in the moon room). The braziers and snakes can be chainsawed as well. The pedestal near the front of the room holds a pulsating red prism.

Both rooms also feature large, colorful balls and dice scattered around, as well as large windows-logo shaped windows on the back walls, revealing odd scenery. The large, colorful balls also show up partially over Urotsuki's sprite due to an error in the tileset data. There are also seven additional, mostly empty rooms, which are currently inaccessible without the use of debug tools or exploits.


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