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Dark Room
Basic Info



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Notable NPCS

Black Beret Twin, Oni Musume, Yume

Connecting Areas

Marijuana Goddess World, Snowy Pipe Organ, Chocolate World, Tribe Settlement, Sewers, Art Gallery, Hourglass Desert


qs0UrDFJ-bgm041, qs0UrDFJ-title (Oni Musume's Room), 626-india (The Konami Room)

The Dark Room (劇場, Gekijō, Theatre) is a sub area of Marijuana Goddess World and acts as a hub.

800px-Konami Code.svg

The Konami Code needed to get to the Tribe Settlement


There are five main areas you can access from here:

  • The Bathroom - A boy's bathroom. Use the Boy effect and sit on the toilet to get another wallpaper. Sometimes a clown may appear in this area.
  • The Theatre/Cinema - A vending machine is available on the pathway to this area. Here, you can find the Black Beret Twin who will transport you to the Snowy Pipe Organ. There are also two pathways towards the front of the room - going through the left takes you to a room with a bunch of blue blob-like NPCs, while going through the right takes you to a room with a portal to Chocolate World.
  • The Konami Room - A small, red room with two figures of a man and a woman. Entering the Konami Code in this room by going into doors and interacting with the man and woman (Man is B, Woman is A), will make a totem pole come out of the ground, leading you to the Tribe Settlement.
    If you've already been to the Tribe Settlement through other areas in the dream world and interacted with the totem pole there, the totem pole will already be in the room.
    (The 'Kura txt 3' book in the Library describes the walking pattern used in this room through a cipher).
  • The Staircase - This staircase will lead you to the Sewers, which will then lead you to Japan Town.
  • Oni Musume's Room - A quiet room with bookshelves, a red carpet and a couch. Oni Musume will be present in this room along with a moving telephone which you can get the Telephone effect from. If she is sitting down and reading, you can use the Telephone effect and she will fly away. Interacting with her book will transport you to the Art Gallery. Going through the door on the right and then going through the hole in the wall leads you to the Hourglass Desert.

Yume is also present here, sitting in a chair in the room that leads to the Konami Room, Staircase and Oni Musume's Room.


Nexus → Marijuana Goddess World → Dark Room

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