Basic Info



WP #170, Egg #14, Egg #15



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Square Ruins


Sea (Main Area), bgm029 (The Aquarium), 夜のイメージBGM (Ocean Floor)

Map ID

0532, 0560, 0561, 0562

The Depths (みなぞこ, Minazoko) is an area accessible from the blue passage in the Square Ruins.


The Depths is a peaceful underwater area, similar to the Ocean Floor, except it features an unusually large number of teleport nodes, acting as a teleport maze. As you wander, the lighting will subtly shift due to the water currents. Various types of jellyfish roam the area, and throughout the reefs you can find objects such as a huge sea sponge, a mysterious robed woman being swallowed by the seaweed, and one Vending Machine.

After wandering through the maze for a bit, you'll eventually encounter a huge reef with one moon-shaped pattern of stone and another shaped like a ring, the latter containing more than a dozen teleport nodes. This serves as the central hub of the area. In the network of reefs on the southern part of this floor, you can find a manhole with a ladder inside, which leads to the Underwater Base, a dark area with a large window looking out into the ocean floor. The ambient light changes subtly, and you can find one of the Eggs here.

In addition, on this same floor is a teleport node southwest of the ring-shaped pattern of stone, which leads to a path of reefs culminating in a brown teleport node. This teleport node triggers an event where you see Urotsuki floating downwards until the screen blacks out. After landing, Urotsuki lays down in a new blocked-off area in front of to what appears to be wreckage, where a peaceful piano tune plays and where one more Egg sleeps. It is impossible to return from this area.


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  • As of version 0.100e this location is the furthest removed from the Nexus, making it the deepest part of the dream world, with 18 individual locations (Assuming you entered the Abandoned Factory from the Forest Pier) between the Nexus and the Depths.