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Deserted Town
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Deserted Pier, Chaotic Buildings, Abandoned Apartments, Town Maze NoEntry


bgm044, 2_31 (Ladders), 2_18 (Deeper), sound3e (Deeper, eastern part)

Deserted Town (街, Machi, Town) is a place reachable by entering the house in Deserted Pier.


Upon entering, it presents itself similarly to the previous location: filled with fog and water. The water is pretty much everywhere, making this town traversable only through piers and ladders. There are many doors scattered around that Urotsuki can knock on without being able to open. There are also a few shadow figures walking around. Somewhere in this town there's an old vending machine and a boat you can use to explore through the water and knock on previously inaccessible doors.

Southern DistrictEdit

The southern part of town consists of several brick buildings sitting along canals, with wooden bridges connecting them. Many of the buildings have window box gardens, but the flowers appear to have all died. In the northwest of the southern district is a boat that can be used to traverse the canals.

If the player heads west from the entrance, across two bridges, then directly north, there is a door that can be opened, which leads to a secluded area in the south of town. Opening the other door used to teleport Urotsuki to the Town Maze but, as of version 0.103, the connection is one-way.

Taking a boat south of the dock, then west, there's a little dock with a door to a very bright room where Urotsuki can enjoy coffee offered by a coffee man directly poured from his head (full screen event).

If you go to the north with the boat the sound of water running intensifies. Dropping off the boat at another dock leads to a tall wall of houses stacked on top of each other, connected by ladders. Going up the ladders will cause the music to change again, and midway up there is another vending machine with a shadow figure sitting on a bench, precariously placed over the edge of the platform. At the top, a single door will lead to the northern part of town.

Northern DistrictEdit

In this part of the town there is a long, white bridge over a marsh with large eye-like plants growing in the water. On the other side, there is a ladder down to a white brick platform with a park bench and large, dead-looking plant growing out of a grass bed. A further ladder down brings Urotsuki closer to the marsh, but Urotsuki cannot wade into it. From the platform, a door left ajar can be seen, but it is inaccessible.

To the north, a ladder flanked by stone pillars leads to a plaza with a large sun statue upended and sinking into the marsh at its center. East of this, several traffic cones and do not enter posters bar Urotsuki's path, but if she equips the chainsaw, one of the cones turns into a red creature that can be killed. It makes no noise, and Urotsuki is then free to pass through. A series of alleyways leads to door that contains a secret garden (see gallery), with a small blue wisp and a vending machine. There is a slime puff in another alley that makes a pained face if chainsawed, and screams if chainsawed again, similar to the slime in the sewers of Yume Nikki. Strangely, if one uses an exploit to sneak past the obstructive slime, a bunch of bananas lies on the ground. When interacted with, it displays the message "Will you eat it? Isn't it tasty?" before disappearing. This increases Urotsuki's health by 5. To the east there are more alleys that lead to a swarm of shadow people guarding a traffic cone that obstructs further progress. Near the swarm there is also a strange black, hairy object suspended in midair.

Going west after climbing the ladder near the sinking sun statue, there is an arrow pointing up where Urotsuki can jump to the lower floor of the building, where there is a bench on an isolated platform and a floating window. Slightly offscreen, there is a sinking moon statue in the water (like the one at the Deserted Pier).

Town SquareEdit

Heading further north will teleport Urotsuki to a secluded area of the Deserted Pier with a house at the end of a path that leads to the northernmost part of town. There's a door to the north of an odd statue that leads to the Chaotic Buildings. To the east is a suspicious brick wall Urotsuki enters from when returning from the Planetarium. Beyond a few construction barriers lies a dock that leads to a series of canals, eventually ending at a triangular house on an island surrounded by ionic pillars. Entering the house takes Urotsuki to the Abandoned Apartments.


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