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The Developer Room (製作者の部屋, Seisakusha no Heya, Producer's Room) is a special room only accessible after seeing the first 4 Endings of the game, reached through the door in Urotsuki's Room while she is awake.

Accessing the RoomEdit

To gain access to the room you must have seen the first 4 endings (in any order):

  • Ending #1: だれかさんのゆめにっき - Someone's Dream Journal
  • Ending #2: おわりなんていらない - I will not conclude myself
  • Ending #3: 夢見人形 - Dreaming Doll
  • Ending #4: もうーつの世界へ - Another World

When you have watched the last of the four endings, Urotsuki will appear at her computer as normal, but a wrapped purple present will fall in the center of the room. Interacting with this present will give Urotsuki the 'Key' effect, which acts passively and allows Urotsuki to exit her room when awake and enter the developer room.

The Room ItselfEdit

Upon entering the Developer Room through the keyhole door outside Urotsuki's room, you will emerge in the lower hallway of a 4-way crossroads with a sane shadow woman standing in the center who presumably gives information regarding the nature of the room.

Music RoomEdit

Going left from the entrance leads to a black and white tiled room with a jukebox by the doorway containing a keyboard turtle NPC (from the path leading up to the Clown Prison in the Underwater Amusement Park) who can change the music in the room to a variety of tunes from throughout the game, such as Sand Desert Land's Pyramid Maze, Monochrome Feudal Japan and the Tribe Settlement's music, among others. Some of the tracks playable here do not appear anywhere else in the game.


Going right from the entrance leads to a room with an easel by the doorway containing several NPCs which represent some of the artists for the game:

  • Aruva - Underwater Amusement Park clown
  • わたる (Wataru, To Cross Over) - Pink catgirl with twintails
  • ヤミキノ (Yamikino, Dark Kino) - Mushroom picture
  • 懺悔 (Zange, Penitence) - Eyeball
  • 戀雅 鵺 (Renga nue, *No clue atall.) - Bug Urotsuki
  • 蒼椈森Haya (Ao bunamori haya, Blue Beech Forest Haya) - Paper Face

Interacting with the paper-face NPC will cause him to burst into flames after conversing with him, and interacting with the catgirl will lead to Urotsuki bonking her on the head mid-conversation.

Area DevsEdit

Going straight up from the entrance leads to a large room with an orange box by the doorway containing quite a few of the main area developers, represented by NPCs from their respective worlds in the game:

Interacting with the suited man NPC will cause him to spin and fly away after the conversation. The yellow Sky kingdom NPC will allow Urotsuki to change into one of the Bug combo outfits/effects - these are only usable within the room, only one may be possesed at a time, and interacting with the NPC that gives you them will remove your Bug outfit if you have one equipped. Interacting with the construction sign in the top left corner will lead to a short conversation, after which Urotsuki pulls out her chainsaw and attacks it, making it slightly transparent. Interacting with the sign a second time will cause Urotsuki to hit it several times, killing it and giving her 1000 (this can be repeated by leaving the room and entering it again). Interacting with the block in front of the computer will cause it to panic, jump and run away (it will never return), allowing use of the computer.

There is also a balcony area here, much the same as the one in Urotsuki's normal room.

The ComputerEdit

Interacting with the computer will bring up a desktop similar to Urotsuki's normal computer, but you have full mouse movement by using the movement buttons on your keyboard. Selecting the top file with the RPG_RT icon will let you play a slot machine minigame to win . The file with the block person icon contains a short message from Kuraud, and the third shows various gameplay stats, namely the total game time in hours minutes and seconds, number of times slept, and the total number of steps taken so far. Clicking the fourth file with the RPG Maker icon will show a pixelated screenshot of the Gray Road in RPG Maker 2000. (This can also be viewed by clicking on the minimized program in the taskbar.)

Developer LibraryEdit

Talking to the purple-haired doll NPC and choosing the fourth, then the second and then the first will take you to an area with many bookshelves like in the Library and talking to the NPC in this area takes you back.The books contain texts about the various effects and you can equip effects in this area and change the texts the books show. Interacting with the orange object near the doll NPC lets you begin a game with chasers that deplete your HP bar. If you lose all your HP, you are transported to Urotsuki's Room. The game seems to be unfinished as you will have no sprite if you return to Urotsuki's Room by choosing to quit the game from the start menu. (this area seems to have been removed asof ver.103a)

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