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Shield Owl World, Highway, Flesh Paths World



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The Downfall Garden (没落庭, Botsuraku Niwa) is an area accessible from the Prismatic Tent in Shield Owl World.


The Downfall garden is a large area resembling a shallow lake, featuring many white flowers growing around the shoreline. The background for this area resembles some kind of yellow, distorted hand-eggplant abomination with the head of a bear.

To the left of the entrance from the Prismatic Tent is a long path blocked by a traffic cone that is currently Under Construction, which would lead to a heavily glitched and broken stairwell area. Stepping off the eclectic red and blue platform and down into the water will submerge Urotsuki in the lake up to her shoulders.

This world is rather empty, but a handful of npcs can be found sitting on the shoreline throughout the area. Sadly, none of them react to any effects except the chainsaw.

Over on the southeast side of the lake is another red and blue doorway that will take you to a room filled with white flowers. Interacting with one and walking back outside will take you to the Highway.

In the northwest corner of the lake there is a small area where a blue creature can be found sleeping on the shore. A large yellow frog with its mouth open can be found here that will take Urotsuki to Flesh Paths World if she walks into its mouth, but it will only appear if she has already been through the blue frog's mouth in Flesh Paths World.


Nexus → Shield Owl World → Downfall Garden


  • In previous versions of the game the water in this area was bright pink, as of version 0.102i it has been changed to a blueish-purple color.
  • Inside this world's map is a smaller, isolated section of this world, a possible Downfall Garden B. It is much more inclined to snake around than Downfall Garden A, and in addition it is much smaller, as it only appears to serve as a bridge between two other maps. Also unlike Downfall Garden A, the water there is a vibrant candy red, unlike either the lavender of the current version or the bright pink of earlier versions.