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Yume 2kki Edit

psiwolf's Translation Edit

English Menu Patch Edit

  • Supported Version: 0.101a
  • Downloads
  • Installation
    • Self-extracting: Place self-extracting patch in folder containing RPG_RT files and then run.
    • ZIP: Extract files in folder containing RPG_RT, overwriting when prompted.

Refer to the Installation Instructions page for instructions on how to install Yume 2kki and its required components.

Submission Guidelines Edit

If you would like to submit a patch or mirror, please use the 7z format. Many other archive formats can cause issues with differing codepages, while 7z enforces Unicode.

Wallpaper DownloadsEdit

A set of vectorized wallpapers from Yume 2kki. (1600x1200) (uboachan) Includes computer & dream wallpapers up to version 0.94.

Computer wallpapers Set 1

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Mediafire MirrorsEdit

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Other Non-vectored wallpapersEdit

Dream Wallpapers from 0.100

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