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Yume 2kki Edit

  • Latest Version: 0.106d[Version History]
  • Unofficial Mirrors (easiest to install)
    • Game Downloads
  • Official Downloads

Refer to the Installation Instructions page for instructions on how to install Yume 2kki and its required components.

English TranslationsEdit

wolfen's Translation Edit

psiwolf's Translation Edit

English Menu Patch Edit

  • Supported Version: 0.101a
  • Downloads
  • Installation
    • Self-extracting: Place self-extracting patch in folder containing RPG_RT files and then run.
    • ZIP: Extract files in folder containing RPG_RT, overwriting when prompted.

Submission Guidelines Edit

If you would like to submit a patch or mirror, please use the 7z format. Many other archive formats can cause issues with differing codepages, while 7z enforces Unicode.

Wallpaper DownloadsEdit

A set of vectorized wallpapers from Yume 2kki. (1600x1200) (uboachan) Includes computer & dream wallpapers up to version 0.94.

Computer wallpapers Set 1

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Mediafire MirrorsEdit

Computer wallpapers Set 2

Dream wallpapers Set 1

Other Non-vectored wallpapersEdit

Dream Wallpapers from 0.100

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