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Honoring the Dead

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Dream Mexico (メヒコ, Mehiko, Mexico) is an area accessible from the Cyber Maze.


The area is very much based on imagery from the Mexican festival Día de Los Muertos. A large cycloptic red sun with a mustache hangs in front of a sketchy sky and its eye will occasionally move. Several old trees and cacti grow next to orange and indigo buildings and crucifixes stand at the ends of the area. The insides of the buildings are wooden with carpets, cloths, boxes of fruit and various decorations for the holiday.

The NPCs regularly walk around and appear ghost like, as you can only see their clothes moving until you use the Glasses effect. Then you can clearly see that they are thin skeletons. A grim reaper also stands next to the last house on the right.

Honoring the Dead EventEdit

By going into the very last house to the east, going into the next room and interacting with the coffin, Urotsuki will be transported to another room wearing black funeral attire. The skeleton people here will appear as normal without the use of the Glasses effect. Going right and interacting with the same pattern NPC that brought you here will take you to the extended area of the Cyber Maze. Urotsuki will be holding some marigolds. By walking to the end of the path and interacting with the skeleton there, she will automatically turn around and leave flowers behind. The skeleton will then follow the trail and Urotsuki will be back in the original room with a now fully adorned coffin behind her. This event can only be done once.


  • There used to be a doorway in one of the houses in version 0.104b that was connected to a small area known as the Halloween Zone, but it was removed shortly after it was added to the game.


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