Ecstasy World
Ecstasy World1
It's like someone murdered a rainbow
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Connecting Areas

Sky Kingdom, Pastel Blue House, Intestines Maze


2_45, 2_39 (Blue Platform)

Ecstasy World (おうどんシティ, Oudon shitī, Oudn City) is an area accessible from the Sky Kingdom.


This area features colors and patterns that are incredibly dissonant and hard to look at without hurting your eyes. On this basis, this may be the hardest area to go through as it's also a maze-like area. At several spots in the world, there's houses made up of green, red and blue with branches next to them. Somewhere in this map is a staute of a kneeling man holding his head and a small spot with black all around it. Standing on the spot changes the music to static sounds.

The NPCs in this area seem to give out money much more often when chainsawed then normal NPCs, making this a good place to gain a lot of Money.

There are two black tiles in the map that serve as portals, one leads to Pastel Blue House and the other leads to the Intestines Maze.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldHospitalIntestines Maze → Ecstasy World


  • This world is one of only three to be named in Japanese after its creator. The others are Mosenite and Fabric World.

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