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The False Shoal (偽浅瀬, Nise Asase, Falsehood Shoal) also known as the Fuchsia Sea, is an area accessible from the Sugary Depths in Sugar World.

NOTE: This world is reportedly prone to crashing the game; please use discretion when exploring this area.

Features Edit

The False Shoal is extremely large; so large, in fact, that it is similar to Flesh Paths World in terms of map size (Although Concrete World and Constellation World beat both of these worlds) It is a reference to the original Yume Nikki's Pastel Shoal World, much like Hidden Shoal.

You start out on one of the world's many islands, surrounded by a strange magenta water. Flags can be found scattered around which will teleport Urotsuki between the islands and the surrounding water. Many strange NPCs can be found in the water, including strange blades of grass, weird NPCs resembling Steve "Leif" Kareha, a green blob that incessantly drinks the water, creepy black things with red eyes, and a pair of eyes that runs from Urotsuki when touched and turns into a chicken leg with the Glasses effect equipped.

Somewhere in this world is a flag which will take you to a very large island, which contains a house with something resembling a whale's tail for its roof, a grave, and a construction sign. The door cannot be opened, merely knocked upon. You can find a receipt near the door. It will unlock a green book in the Library.

Directions Edit

Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray RoadGALAXY TownSugar World → False Shoal

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