Floating Red Tiles World
The entrance from Teddy Bear Land.
Basic Info



WP #72



Notable NPCS

Shadow Woman

Connecting Areas

Farm World, Broken Faces Area, Teddy Bear Land, Others



Floating Red Tiles World (赤黒タイル通路, Akaguro Tairu Tsūro, Red and Black Tile Pathway) is an area that can be reached from the Broken Faces Area through the eyeball pole.


This area primarily consists of checkered floating black and red tiles for its landscape. It is similar both in its structure and in its contents to the Checkered Tile Path in Yume Nikki.

There is an insane Shadow Woman here (which you can bypass with the Invisible or Wolf effect, or by simply outrunning or outmaneuvering her) being attacked by her gives Wallpaper #72. There is also a bed into which Urotsuki cannot climb.

There are three portals in this world. The tree leads to Farm World, the telephone pole leads to the Teddy Bear Land, and the eyeball pole leads back to the Broken Faces Area. Also, you can be warped to a random area by using the Chainsaw effect on the black eyeball pole.


Nexus → Geometry WorldBroken Faces Area → Floating Red Tiles World

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