Galactic Park
This world gives me a kind of Mario Galaxy vibe. Hence the name.
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The Galactic Park (虚空, Kokū, Empty Space) is a world accessible from the lavender temple in Theatre World.


The Galactic Park is a world filled with many paths made of blue clouds, some of which are filled in with water. Strange bug-like creatures flit around the clouds as a beautiful starry view scrolls by from beyond the abyss. Many Vending Machines, each of which appears to be sporting a deranged smiling face, can be found among the heavens.

There is little to do here other than bathe in the clouds or buy drinks at the vending machines. The bug NPCs will react exactly the same to being interacted with, even if you have the Chainsaw effect equipped. In the deepest part of the area is a path which, although it is not blocked off, there is a construction sign in front of it and there are no actual events or transitions that occur if you try to go that way.


Nexus → Mushroom WorldWhite Mushroom FieldWhite Fern WorldApartmentsThe DocksRiver Road (Lower)Square-Square WorldTheatre World → Galactic Park

Trivia Edit

  • On one of the clouds, you can see another one out in the distance, filled with water and housing a single, starry bench. This could be related to the blocked-off path at the northernmost end of the area, or it could simply be an unused section of the world.

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