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The Gallery of Me (ワタシコレクション, Watashikorekushon, Collection of Me) is a mysterious hallway that you may be randomly transported to when waking up from dreaming.

The EventEdit

Upon waking up, there is an approximately 0.1223% chance of instead being transported to the 'Gallery of Me', a strange white corridor with numerous clear window-like frames containing various versions of Urotsuki seen throughout her dream adventures, including some not normally seen, such as the front sprite for the aviator outfit from the plane event in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.

At the end of the corridor there is a single large window, looking out onto a vivid red cloudy sky. Walking to the far right of the area will cause Urotsuki to wake up and get out of bed as if she had woken up normally.


Although there is no way to increase the odds of reaching this area, there exist two conditions which must be satisfied before the game will allow you access it first place:

• Urotsuki must be Level 20 or higher

• You must have at least 100 of the 177 wallpapers unlocked

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