Graffiti Maze
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Basic Info



WP #79



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Hospital, Art Gallery NoEntry



Map ID

0113, 0120, 0139, 0140

The Graffiti Maze is a series of themed locations Urotsuki must travel through to get to the Stretch effect. It is accessible from the Hospital and the Art Gallery.


Either of the entrances to this area will take you to the southwest corner of the Arrow Maze, a simply painted maze made out of scribbled arrow shapes. Moving around the maze in a somewhat anti-clockwise pattern eventually leads to a blue creature on the other side that will take you to a messily painted map depicting a tree with a large green canopy, pink flowers and bright red roots and branches.

There is a painting of a large head in the center of this area, whose eyes and mouth twitch and move around. Interacting with the base of the head will pan the screen upwards for a better view. on the far right side of the area there is a break in the red roots that will let you continue upwards into a small area beside the face where a hanged girl can be found bleeding onto the floor.

Continuing past the girl up into the mess of paint at the top of the area will take you to another area that is covered in a matrix of rotating magic circles with a giant diamond-shaped crystal spinning in the center, along with 2 smaller crystals in the corners of the area.

The green crystal in the upper left corner will teleport you back to the painted tree, and the blue one in the lower right corner will take you to a rough-looking blue area where a dead pink creature can be seen lying in a pool of blood.

Walking to the right in the blue area will automatically move Urotsuki upwards until she comes to an invisible ladder that she can use to climb up to the pink creature, which will give her the Stretch effect if she interacts with it.


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