Guts World
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Kura Puzzle #33, Theme #16



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Intestines Maze, Visine World, Fabric World NoEntry


kikai004, soundd (Balcony)

Guts World (生肉, Namaniku, Raw Meat) is an area that can be accessed from the Intestines Maze, Visine World, or through Fabric World (one-way).


The Guts World is a fairly large, empty area. The only notable features are the random organs scattered about and the odd black walls with pink outlines, some of which have odd, white beings trapped inside of them, which are all inaccessible to the player, however one serves as the entryway to this area from the Intestines Maze.

Two of the floating white creatures have disfigured faces and are facing away from one another. Going between them leads to a path to a grey building. Inside are a number of doors leading to rooms containing white blocks. On the second floor of the building and the third door to your right is a room that you can pass through (while the others don't lead anywhere). Going right from here and up the staircase takes you to a balcony where a long haired blue woman is standing. Going left from here and through the last door takes you to a room with a clown in it. If you chainsaw it, it will jump up in the air victoriously after taking 100 yen from you. If you don't have this much, it will teleport you to an inescapable map with a giant head, whose left pupil moves at fast speed. The only background sound in this map are laughs similar to Smile-san's.

If you walk past the clown, you will enter a cluttered storage room with a colorful pumpkin in it, which will give you a Menu Theme if you interact with it.

You can chainsaw some of the guts on the ground, but this does nothing. If you find the giant, white spider-like rib cage, you'll be teleported to the Intestines Maze. If you find the large, floating ball of organs and walk under its shadow, you'll get sent to the Visine World.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldHospitalIntestines Maze → Guts World

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