Industrial Maze
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Mansion, Overgrown City


sound3e, N3-FiT (Passage)

The Industrial Maze (蒸気工場, Jōki kōjō, Steam Factory) is an area reachable from the Underground Storage in the Mansion.


The Industrial Maze is an piped filled area divided in three zones; the Maze, the Core and the Garden.

The MazeEdit

The Maze consist of web entangled passageways with grey walls, fans, grids, strange pillars, and grey NPCs. There isn't too much too see and the only objective is reach the next door which takes you to the second area, the Core.

The CoreEdit

In The Core you can find two big machines from where apparently emerge all the pipes. In the right part is a path with white arcs. This path reaches to a flow of water used by the Industry. After that is a large web of stairs and waterfalls that finally reach The Garden.


In the Garden you can find two stairs and lush vegetation. The only interesting thing there is the orange Egg located in the small lagoon at the end of the map. Also, there's a door which takes you to a short passage fraught with amber light, enormous plants, and a strange, mechanical being. A door just above this area takes you to the Overgrown City.


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