Industrial Towers
Have you ever stood at a cliff and felt something pushing you to jump off?
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The Industrial Towers (葬塔場, Sotoba, Burial Tower) is a small, inescapable area accessible from Burial Desert and the Chaos Exhibition.

Features Edit

The Industrial Towers is a quaint little area, navigable through the various ladders that connect the many platforms on the twin towers. It starts out dark, but as one climbs up out of the concrete jungle below, they can find that there is a beautiful sunset above.

Aside from the admittedly beautiful scenery, almost the entire reason one would ever come here is to see the Glitchman. The Glitchman has the ability to change the time of day; interacting with him with the Bunny Ears effect while it is day will change it to nighttime. Once it is nighttime, one can change it back to daytime by interacting with him again with any other effect.

These effects will also cause the Glitchman to act in unique ways:

  • Chainsaw: Causes the Glitchman to look even glitchier. Before, he looked like a human being, just a glitchy one, but using this effect causes him to look more like the glitched Seishonen. Attacking the Glitchman causes him to play a weird and indescribable sound effect before promptly surviving the attack unscathed.
  • Glasses: Similar to when one uses the Chainsaw, just slightly whispier.
  • Rainbow: Makes the Glitchman turn prismatic. He also doesn't jitter as much as he does normally.
  • Invisible: Same as the Chainsaw. Nothing happens if you turn completely invisible.
  • Polygon: Same as the Glasses.


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