Innocent Library
Don't set fires in libraries, kids.
Basic Info





Urotsuki dies

Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Red Lily Lake NoReturn, Fantasy Library



The Innocent Library (無垢夢, Muku Yume, Innocent Dream) was a small area accessible from the Fantasy Library before access to the aforementioned world was terminated.

Features Edit

This place is randomly shaken as if someone heavy struck a door, and Urotsuki cannot stay here for too long, after a few minutes with the another shake she will be forced to wake up in her bed.

There are 5 readable books in here. 4 of the books are simple and show just text. The fifth bookshelf is stained with blood, and after Urotsuki reads the book the screen will be tinted red, she will fall, teleported to a room with one of the creatures from Chaos World and come out from her former body like a ghost. Urotsuki can't interact with her former body, and will stay in the room until she's caught by the creature. After that, she will be teleported back to the Fantasy Library near the couch.

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