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Broken Faces Area, Soldier Row NoReturn, Abandoned Chinatown, Mailbox, Forest Carnival NoEntry


drm_kan_ge_machi01, drm_kan_ge_doupicho01 (Laboratory Caves), drm_loop_30 (Hallucination)

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0383, 0384

The Laboratory (ラボ, Rabo) is an area accessible from the Broken Faces Area.


The strange plants being grown by Researchers


A research lab with steel blue walls, green floors and mechanical sliding doors which unlock when you interact with them. There are also two greenhousing areas containing strange plants with gas mask-wearing scientists who analyze them.

One of the doors leads to an office area filled with boxes and stacked-up books. Here you will find the head scientist, who may or may not be smoking when you walk in. If you kill him with the Chainsaw and walk out of the room, the other scientists will come after you and if they touch you, it will trigger the Hallucination event.

There is also an underground cave system that is almost maze-like, accessible from the very leftmost door in the facility. The scientists here are chasers and will teleport you to an isolated monitoring platform where the scientists will watch you.

Cave SystemEdit

Laboratory caves 2

First room of the cave system

This area is made up of rocky cliffs and metal stair-frames, branching into multiple tunnels and pathways formed by different white tree-like plants. It is very hard to navigate without the Invisible effect because of its many 1-space wide passageways, frequently blocked by Scientist chasers.

One of the doors from the first room of the caves will take you to a balcony with a Red Radio, Interacting with the radio here may transport you to Soldier Row.

There are 2 paths from the first white plant room, one covered in the white plants, from the leftmost door, and a more rocky one, from the top door.

Deep within the white plant part of the caves is a spinning black object, resembling a person. Interacting with it will transport you to an isolated multi-story building in Abandoned Chinatown. Also located in this part of the cave is a red mailbox, which will take you to the Mailbox when interacted with.

In the deepest rocky part of the cave system there is a white billboard identical to the one found in part of the Dark Forest, sectioned off by cones. It's possible that these may be connected in the future.


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