Lorn Tower
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0418, 0454

Lorn Tower (時は銀なり, Toki wa gin nari, "Time is Silver") is an area located deep inside Jigsaw Puzzle World, within the watery passage that connects to the Dream Beach. Although the tower itself is prominent enough, its entrance is somewhat hard to find, located in the center of a series of hidden paths within the ice directly below the tower.


Lorn Tower is a single, circular, tall room with some furniture, a couple of beds, some scattered books, and a large golden mobile hanging from the ceiling. On the left is a poster that will display a full-screen painting when interacted with. The painting will initially be covered by black squares which will gradually disappear as you trigger various different events throughout the game. These events are apparently ones that force Urotsuki awake, such as the Hallucination event or transforming into a sessile object in the Mask Shop.

Interacting with the right-most bed will pan the screen upward, showing a ghostly image of Urotsuki sitting on top of part of the golden mobile. Using the Child and Stretch effects will show young and adult images of Urotsuki, respectively. After interacting with the bed a handful of times (it's random, but generally two or three), Urotsuki will turn into a very old woman with a cane, and the screen will gradually fade to black. Afterwards, the lights will return and Urotsuki will be shown sleeping on the floor of the tower. She will spring back up, but the screen will gradually fade to black again and the game will hit a dead end. The only options at this point are either pinching awake or using the Eyeball Bomb.

Pinching Urotsuki awake while the tower hasn't faded to black will show a ghostly image of her sitting atop the bookcases at the center of the room. Oddly enough, pinching awake with the Child effect will show an 'adult' Urotsuki, while pinching awake with the Stretch effect will show both young and contemporary. Likewise, using the Eyeball Bomb will show a ghostly image of Urotsuki with said effect.


  • This world's Japanese name is a play-on-words of the phrase 時は金なり (Toki ha kane nari, time is money) where 金 (Gold) is replaced with 銀 (Silver), possibly implying (somewhat nihilistically) that "time is pocket change".


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