Magnet Room
Magnet Room
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Zalgo Event

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Red Streetlight World, Urotsuki's Dream Apartments NoEntry, Stone Maze, Intestines Maze


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The Magnet Room (マグネッツファクトリー, Magunettsufakutorī, Magnet Factory) is an area that is primarily accessible through the streetlight with 3 lamps on the right side in Red Streetlight World.

Features Edit

The area is dotted with large blue and red-orange cubes that bounce Urotsuki backwards if she runs into them. Some of them will propel her across otherwise impassable barriers if she runs into them from a specific direction (note that this is required to enter the Magnet Room from the Red Streetlight World entrance). Initially, the larger room is dark and silent (it can be illuminated temporarily by the Lamp effect, however). There is a machine in the southwest-most corner of the room that, when interacted with, will activate the room's lights and music. Several NPCs that resemble masks on legs will also appear once the lights are on, which make baby-talk sounds if Urotsuki interacts with them.

Even after the machine is active, the cubes in the larger room will not bounce Urotsuki. This can be fixed by interacting with the blue ball out of the pair of balls that are located to the east of the center of the room.


Zalgo's room.

This area houses the Zalgo event, which can be accessed using the following process:

  1. Enter the Magnet Room.
  2. Activate the machine (Thus, by extension, activating the entire room).
  3. Interact with the blue ball to activate the cubes' bounciness.
  4. Find the fenced-off section of wall with a crevice in it at the top of the room and head directly south from the crevice's position in the wall.
  5. Continue south and run into the north face of the blue cube. It should push you over the barrier and into the enclosed area with the crevice.
  6. Interact with the crevice to enter the event's area.

Once there, you should immediately begin traveling northwest, as there is a limited time before Urotsuki is transported out of the area and dropped off in the Intestines Maze. Note that the Motorcycle effect cannot be equipped here. Interacting with the dark gray teleporter (located a good distance northwest of the entry point) will bring you into a black room with a large NPC and rain. Interacting with the NPC gives you a wallpaper.


Nexus → Red Streetlight World → Magnet Room


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