Maple Shrine
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Egg #17



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

The Hand Hub


wa, 0109BGM5 "Egg"


Map of the maze. The circles will guide you to the end.

The Maple Shrine (楓神社, Kaedejinja, Maple Shrine) is an area accessible from The Hand Hub. The portal to the Shinto Shrine Has a small chance to take you there.


The external area consists of the two buildings and Torii that you can also find in the Shinto Shrine. However, they are inaccessible and instead of trees there are maple leaves on the ground. You can make an offer of 10円 when touching the offer box in front of the big building.

Past the buildings you can find a house with a Kakemono attached to it. Entering this house leads you to a teleporter maze where you can find a vending machine, as well as a smiling orange head creature at the end, which will give you a Menu Theme if you interact with it.

The stump beside the head creature can be interacted by sitting on it.  Upon sitting on the stump, the head begins to sing a simple melody with musical notes appearing in the air.


Nexus → Garden WorldThe Hand HubShinto Shrine → Maple Shrine

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