Marijuana Goddess World
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WP #5, #71, #97, Kura Puzzle #7


Buddha Rave

Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

The Nexus, Dark Room, Maiden Outlook


932-warm, 626_tb303 (Buddha Rave)

Marijuana Goddess World (釈迦世界, Shaka Sekai, Buddha World) (shortened to MariGod World) is one of the main areas accessible from The Nexus.


This world is filled with noise and color. The colorful tiles make a sound when stepped on. If you zoom out, the tiles together form a picture of a Buddha/Hindu deity figure with six arms sitting cross legged and holding a sun. If you step on the flashing tile on its forehead, it will trigger the Buddha Rave event (There will be a moving image of the figure zooming in and out while upbeat music plays).

Here you can encounter many gray oval-shaped bugs called Monmons, that jump when you interact with them, or burst into flames with the lantern effect equipped, and yellow jelly creatures.

The Dark Room can be found by going through the pink/purple doorway with an arch cut in the shape of a cat at the bottom right side of the zoomed out figure. Rarely, upon entering this world, one will be teleported to the Maiden Outlook, based on very specific circumstances described in its page.


Nexus → Marijuana Goddess World

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