Urotsuki can unlock different Menu Themes by interacting with special NPCs & objects throughout the dreamworld, which affect the appearance & design of the menu frame.
Menu themes can be selected once they are unlocked through the tools menu on Urotsuki's Computer.

Eggs are collectible items that first appeared in version 0.100h, placed in specific areas in Wataru's maps throughout the dream world.

There are currently 14 menu themes to collect in the game, 8 of which are egg themes, and 1 temporary menu theme as of Version 104.

Each Menu Theme is listed below in order according to the computer menu, along with a brief description of where they can be found.

Pc yumegamen sys6

Pc yumegamen sys7
Bleak Future By interacting with the boy twice, you will receive both of these themes.
Pc yumegamen sys8
Hidden Shoal You can find one egg here.
Pc yumegamen sys9
Forest Pier You can find one egg here. This egg is in the Southern Area, around the giant half-buried sun statue.
Pc yumegamen sys10
Planetarium There's one egg in the scenery area. You can reach this place via Deserted Town.
Pc yumegamen sys11
Factory Garden There's one egg in the bottom to the map, you only need get off all the stairs in the Industrial Maze. You can reach this place via Arc De Pillar World
Factory garden
Pc yumegamen sys12
Rose Church You can find one egg here.
The elusive egg
Pc yumegamen sys13
Neon Aquatic Cavern There's one egg in this place. This place can be reached by going to the Factory Garden, find the Aquarium building in the Overgrown City, pass the Victorian Drains, and finally, getting into the boat, find that egg in the Neon Aquatic Cavern.
Pc yumegamen sys14

Pc yumegamen sys15
Depths You can find two eggs here. One can be found in the Aquarium and the other is in the deepest part of the Depths.
Pc yumegamen sys16
Guts World Going through the room with the clown in the grey building leads to a cramped storage room with a glowing pumpkin in it, which will give you a menu skin if you interact with it. After you have taken the theme, it will turn back into an ordinary orange pumpkin.
Pc yumegamen sys17
Maple Shrine At the end of the maze is a smiling orange head creature that will give you a theme. It does not disappear after obtaining the menu theme.
Pc yumegamen sys18
Pencil World After interacting with all four paintings, enter the rainbow tree picture. By using the Rainbow effect in the white scene to turn it colorful, a leaf will fall down from the tree, giving you a new theme.
Pc yumegamen sys19
Chocolate World By interacting with the chocolate fountain, the screen will be briefly covered with liquid chocolate and you will be given the theme.
Saturated Eyeball Zone Killing this NPC will instantly replace your current menu theme with the eyeball theme, but it won't be added to the tools menu in the Computer. The NPC dies permanently, so you can only get it once, and it will be gone forever if you change your menu theme afterwards.

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