Mirror Room
.krad si moor s'ikustorU
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Connecting Areas

Old Train Station B NoReturn, Urotsuki's Room NoEntry, Sofa Room NoReturn


dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm_082 (Beach), bgm036 (Stairs)

Map ID

0556, 0557, 0558

The Mirror Room (異変部屋, Ihen Heya, Accident Room) is a room only accessible by chance. If you attempt to reenter the dream balcony from Urotsuki's room, there is a 1/5 chance, decided at the beginning of a dream, that you will find yourself in here instead.


The mirror room, as it's name implies, is a left to right reflection of Urotsuki's Room, though there are differences between the two. The differences reside in that the mirror room has a chair in the middle of the rug with pillows scattered about and everything is the room is either turned off or closed. You are only able to interact with either the chair [1] or the television, and all effects are disabled in the room. Interacting with the television causes the screen to turn into static fuzz as you are taken to twin mountain beach(one way); this may take multiple attempts to see the effect.

The twin mountain beach area features you being at the beach beside an old swing set to your right and a small sand castle in the bottom left corner. In the distance across the water, towers the twin mountains on the right side. While on the left, lay the sun on the horizon drifting deeper below. As a whole, the area has an old slide show film reel visual quality to it with flickering light and grime flashing on and off the screen. You are able to take a seat on either swing. You can also equip the child effect and interact with the sand castle you will be warped to the nexus staircase area(one way).

The nexus staircase area simply descends downwards and eventually exits this area to Old Train Station B.

  1. On return visits to the area, after you have found the twin mountain beach area, sitting on the chair will teleport the player to the Sofa Room.


Urotsuki's Dream Room → Mirror Room