Mushroom World
Picking mushrooms is tricky when they have feet.
Basic Info



WP #78



Notable NPCS

Mushroom Vendor

Connecting Areas

Nexus, Elvis Masada's Place, Bug Maze, White Mushroom Field



Mushroom World (きのこ世界, Kinoko Sekai) is one of the main areas accessible from the Nexus.


Mushroom world is an orange mushroom-themed world filled with lots of mushrooms of varying size and color. It is also home to pink, blue and purple Mushroom NPCs with feet, which wander the area.

There is a large green lake in the middle of the area that sometimes has a one-eyed monster swimming in it. There is also a Vending Machine with broken glass, but if you try to buy anything from it, it will laugh and stick its tongue out at you, then steal some of your money. Interacting with the bin next to the machine will make the hole flash red.

The purple portal near the lake transports you to Elvis Masada's Place and the green one west of the entrance transports you to the Bug Maze. By going into the area with the white drooling blob, interacting with it and then walking in between the eyes on stalks will take you to the White Mushroom Field.


Nexus → Mushroom World

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