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Neon Candle World
This world would be a great place for an Oreko in the Starry Pier-type event. Or maybe an egg, I dunno.
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Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Cloud Tops, Chaos World



Neon Candle World (ケレウス, Kereusu) is a small, rather empty world accessible from the Cloud Tops.


Neon Candle World is a small scrolling area, filled with many colorful hexagonal candles. Given that the background does not line up with the game window's frame, this world is seemingly unfinished.

A single white candle creature resides within this area, similar to the ones found in chaos world, which will take you back to the hole in the Cloud Tops if you interact with it. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will make it run away from you, and if you manage to kill it and then go to the Red Lily Lake, a very fast silhouette of the nine-tailed fox from the Fantasy Library will catch you and send you to an inescapable area at the bottom of the Red Cliff.

Interacting with it with the Glasses effect equipped will teleport you to Chaos World. (Although, entering from this location will not unlock chaos world's butterfly in the Butterfly Forest)

However, if you equip the lantern effect it will make a happy expression and rapidly move towards you, and upon interacting with it Urotsuki will light its head on fire, which will simultaneously light the wicks on all of the hexagonal candles throughout the area.

After lighting the candles, they will stay lit indefinitely until you use the Teru Teru Bozu effect to douse the flames with the rain.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldRed Lily LakeCandy WorldCloud FloorCloud Tops → Neon Candle World

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