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It came from behind

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Abandoned Factory NoReturn, Square-Square World



The Neon City (暗彩光, An saikō) is an area accessible from Square-Square World.


Upon entrance into this realm, the player is faced with an plethora of different NPCs wandering between the surrounding structures in the immediate area. To the north of the entrance, the cityscape ends with highway that stretches east to west with a median fence. Above the highway, is a wilderness area with various landmarks dotting the map such as a small grid of slowly color changing cubes with a rapidly color changing cube pulsating to the north west of the grid. Another area within the wilderness area is a field of flickering flowers as well as a forest of multicolored plant-like beings. Near this forest is a unique rainbow, line- drawn vending machine. Equipping the chainsaw effect around certain hill-shaped beings with eyes that look stationary will make them run away. To note, the wilderness also features some impassable cliffs(?) and an small, enclosed, inaccessible area with 2 doors. In the wilderness area as well, there is a dirt road stretching east to west with a bench and a vending machine along the northern edge. next above the road is a marsh(?) with exit to the Abandoned Factory and some muckman heads around somewhere on the map. Finally, the map wraps back again to the city area.

Also worth mentioning, while exploring the map, the player may encounter "it came from behind" scrolling in the foreground of the screen, which will be signaled by a change in the music. This is very similar to Yume Nikki's Takofuusen. It has a 1/2500 chance of appearing, drawn roughly once per second. To note: "it came from behind" is nothing more than a placeholder name until an official name can be adopted.


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