Nostalgic House
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Urotsuki's Ghost, The Cabinet of Doom

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The Nostalgic House (意味, imi, Meaning) is an area accessible from the Flesh Paths World through the Urotsuki head in the head hub.


The Nostalgic House is an inescapable lilac-tinted house with a tiled floor, where most of the furnishings are decorated with the same plaid pattern as Urotsuki's shirt and the walls are lined with abstract paintings & large windows looking out over a nighttime cityscape.

After arriving from Flesh Paths World, if you head through the door at the bottom of the room with the birthday cake painting you will find a short hallway with a bookshelf and three doors.

The door on the right side of the hallway leads to a room with a television set (which can be turned on, but only displays a blank flickering screen), and the door to the left leads to another hallway with a few paintings hanging from the wall, and two more doors.

In the second hallway, the door on the right leads to a lounge room with a short table in front of a couch. A dead potted plant and a lamp can be found at either side of the couch, along with a tall wardrobe in the corner of the room.

If you interact with the wardrobe, the screen will flicker with static and trigger a fullscreen event depicting a naked lady next to some kind of hole in the wall viewed through heavy scanlines. Using the arrow keys, you can pan the screen up and down revealing that the woman's face appears to have been scribbled out with a marker.

The door on the far left side of the hallway leads to a nicely furnished bedroom with a small vase sitting on a side-table that holds a few paintbrushes, and a painting of a long-haired woman on the wall. Sleeping in the bed will cause a second Urotsuki to appear on the chair and pinch herself awake without your input, forcing Urotsuki to wake up. This is the only way to leave the area without waking up manually or using the Eyeball Bomb effect.


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