Ocean Floor
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Hourglass Desert, The Docks



The Ocean Floor (湖底, Kotei, Lake Bed) is an area accessible from the Docks by entering the submarine.


This area is dark with primarily large rocks as the scenery, and there are restricted areas you can walk on. Traveling downwards from where you entered the area will lead you to a pathway surrounded by hands reaching out of holes. When you follow it until the screen fades, the background music will change.

If you aim to travel in a south-easternly direction, you will come to a number of strange obstacles, such as a large octopus tentacle, a broken bicycle and a person with a deformed head keeling over. There is a small pathway to the very right which leads to a small area with a puppet theater at the end of the path. If you use the Child or Stretch effects here, you will see depressing images of Urotsuki being shown in the puppet show. Using the Glasses effect will make the "puppets" stare at you with one eye for a few seconds.

At the very end of the area, there is a lone bed (which you cannot get into) and two pathways branching off from where it is. If you zoom out of this part of the map, you can see that it somewhat resembles a uterus. At the end of the left pathway (or ovary) is a large egg. Interacting with it sends you to a room in the Pyramid Maze where you can get the Child effect. The right pathway leads to nothing.


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  • This world is one of the only ones in the game to display truly impossible geometry. Another is the Cyber Maze.

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