Old Train Station B
It is a little dank around here.
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Connecting Areas

Mirror Room NoEntry, Rainbow Silhouette World


factoria (subway car area), bgm019 (inside the car)

Map ID

0548, 0552, 0553

Old Train Station B (閉塞C, Heisoku C, Obstruction C) is an incomplete area as of .100d which is only accessible via the Mirror Room.


You start off on a subway platform with a ladder that descends below to the tracks. Both the upper and lower bounds of the map feature a chain link fence with openings currently blocked off by cones. There are scattered coral trees(?) of which increase frequency closer to either fence. Near the east edge of the map there is an entrance which takes you to a small area with a man standing beside a lamp post and a subway car.

When you enter the subway car there are two shadowy passengers sitting on either side of the car. Sitting down in the car and waiting for about 30 seconds and then exiting the car through the same door you came in from will teleport you to Rainbow Silhouette World. On the way back from Rainbow Silhouette World you will find that the train car now has two strange creatures as passengers now sitting beside each other on the right side of the car.


If you wake up here, in Rainbow Silhouette World, or in the Sofa Room, you'll wake up on your balcony instead of from your bed, suggesting that Urotsuki has gotten up and sleepwalked since going through the Mirror Room.


Urotsuki's Dream Room → Mirror Room → Old Train Station B