Painter painting
Location Art Gallery
Role Grants wallpaper and Kura puzzle
Size Standard
Killable Yes, permanently
Painter-Kun (Also referred to as Kamen) is a character found through a painting in the Art Gallery, or through an area of the Red Brick Maze that you are sent to by interacting with one of the Witches in the Day & Night Towers.


Painter-kun is usually found painting a large mural of something that looks like a road or a path. He has blonde hair and wears a multi-colored shirt/smock, a black, dog-like mask and jeans. He is busily painting and never seems to have enough time to talk to you. If you try to interact with him while he isn't doing anything, he will simply look at you, not say anything. The only paint color that is seen on his brushes is red, and if you kill him his blood will be splattered over his art.

If you kill him, his mask will fall to the ground and he never will come back.

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