Pastel Blue House
Strangely enough, the house looks abandoned now
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WP #77, #100, #123


Lady & the Sun

Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Apartments, Elvis Masada's Place, Ecstasy World, Realistic Beach, White Mushroom Field


oudn-04 (Outside), oudn-08 (Inside), ループ「海」By音師竹内 (Sunhat Woman, Shadow Balcony)

The Pastel Blue House (光建, Kōken, Illuminated Building) is an area accessible from the White Mushroom Field.


This area is a large multi-story building with various doorways leading to different parts of the house. On the outside (廃墟, Haikyo, Abandoned Building), it looks like a painting of a blocky overgrown house. On the inside, it has dark walls, a tiled floor and many doors and windows.

Here is a guide of the doors' destinations from the zebra crossing entrance:

First FloorEdit

  • The first door leads to the White Mushroom Field 
  • The second and last door leads to the next floor

Second FloorEdit

  • The first door to the left of where you entered leads to the next floor
  • The second door leads to a portal which takes you to Ecstasy World
  • The end of the hallway leads to the fourth floor

Third FloorEdit

  • The door to the right of the entrance leads to another corridor, which then leads to a door that leads to a path where you can find a lady under a big red sun with one eye. If you try to chainsaw her out of the way, the sun's eye will glow and de-equip the effect.
  • The first door to the left of the entrance leads to a corridor which leads to a door leading to has a staircase leading down to the Realistic Beach
  • The second door leads to an area with a sky background with a salmon colored bench on the right end 

Fourth FloorEdit

  • The fourth floor just has one door down the right which leads to a platform leading to the balcony of the house


Nexus → Mushroom WorldWhite Mushroom Field → Pastel Blue House

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