Pencil World
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Egg #18



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Nail World


Yeris_WhiteTree_Sun/Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon (Rainbow Theme Scene)

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0672, 0675

Pencil World (スクラッチ, Sukuratchi, Scratch) is an area accessible through the nailed paper inside the Red Nail Passage.


Pencil world is a large, empty area featuring many pencils, nails, crayons, broken art supplies and other assorted debris scattered throughout the area.

The main points of interest in this area are 4 colorful pictures drawn onto black backgrounds that each show a more detailed picture of what they depict and play their own variation of a simple melody when you interact with them.

After interacting with any of the pictures for the first time, another painting will appear in the center of the map, directly in between all of the pictures. At first, this painting is just a blank canvas, but as you interact with the remaining pictures it will fill in with a colorful image of a rainbow tree.

From the blank canvas, each of the pictures can easily be found by heading almost directly in any cardinal direction. Respectively, the picture of the church can be found to the north of the canvas, the tower to the east, the magic circle to the west, and the "factory" to the south.

After interacting with each of the pictures and painting the rainbow tree onto the canvas, interacting with it will take you to a small monochrome area with a large tree and a bench.

Using the Rainbow effect here will fill the location with color and drop a multicolored leaf from the tree, which will give you a rainbow Menu Theme when interacted with.


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