Purple World
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WP #120, #192



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Connecting Areas

The Nexus, Highway, Onyx Tile World NoReturn, Black Building, Garden World NoReturn



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Purple World (紫地世界, Murasakidji Sekai, Purple Ground World) is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus.


This world has a rocky, deep purple surface with what look like miniature volcanoes scattered around. There are also small pink and green tube-like objects sticking out from the background. Pink, snake-like creatures inhabit this area, as does a slow-moving, blob-like chaser creature. This chaser will trap you in an isolated part of the Highway.

Northeast of the Nexus entrance is a yellow cab which takes you to the Highway upon getting into the back seat.

There is also a platform with a large pink honeycomb wall similar to the Nexus entrance at the end of a long pathway to the southwest. This wall opens up once Urotsuki reaches its platform; stepping through the gap will take you to the Black Building

Nearby the taxi cab is a red oil drum; removing the lid gives Urotsuki the Drum effect, but also pulls her into the drum, taking her to an isolated Onyx Tile World.

Heading south from the Nexus entrance you can find one of the tubes, that stand very close to the border of the ground. If you interact with it, you will be teleported to the fenced off territory in the Garden World. Walking left on the fork you'll approach blocking fence near the hole, leading to the Blue Forest, road to the right will lead you to the area similar to the Blue Forest entrance, but hole lead to the short road in the Blue Forest, with the one-way teleporter to the Hand Hub. Though you can walk through the blocking fences, you can't go back.


Nexus → Purple World


  • Using the fairy effect at any point in this area will make the various pink blobs scattered around move.
  • This area is the successor to Onyx Tile World; it used to take up Purple World's place in the Nexus, and all of the features of the modern Purple World used to be in Onyx Tile World. There have actually been many replacements for this Nexus connection; Red Black World came even earlier than Onyx Tile World, and there has even been a fourth world that took its place at some time.